Gentle Cardio Wednesday

Location: Wentworth Primary School     Address: Viking Rd, Maldon CM9 6JN, UK

Instructor: Joani Cliere

Join us for a Physiotherapy Led Gentle Cardio Class, which provides members with a safe, effective cardiovascular workout that is fun to do and easy to follow. There are no spins, fast steps, jumps, or hops in this class. However, there is lots of clapping and smiling and the emphasis is on doing some weight-bearing exercise whilst having fun at the same time! This class is good for your mind and your body at the same time.
Suitable for all ages and abilities, and also suitable for anyone managing a long-term condition including arthritis, diabetes, ME, fibromyalgia, and other joint-related aches and pains. If you can march on the spot – you can do this class! Building bone density, using the cardiorespiratory system, and also using the mind-body connection of asking your body to move to a certain rhythm – all so very good for you!

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