Intermediate to Advanced Yoga Tuesday

Location: West Maldon Community Centre     Address: Sunbury Way, Maldon CM9 6YH, UK

Instructor: Joani Cliere

Join us for a Physiotherapist Led Yoga class that will help you to build upon your existing level of Yoga practice. Class members must have a good foundation in the practice of Yoga and this class is not recommended for anybody with acute or chronic muscular or joint pain.
Yoga is a very safe activity.  Accidents are almost unknown.  However, a few common-sense precautions should always be observed.  Firstly, always move into (and out of) a posture slowly.  That way, if you have an injury or limitation that you are unaware of, your body will soon let you know before you do any damage.  Always be aware of how the posture feels.  In the early stages, you will probably experience discomfort and tenderness.  This is quite normal, but if it turns into pain, you should immediately ease up a little or come out of the posture.  Always remember that 50% of a posture done well and safely is much better than 100% done badly and unsafely.  We stretch to our limit, but never beyond it.  That limit varies a lot from person to person.  Yoga is not competitive.
Yoga is suitable for all, regardless of age or health.  However, some medical conditions require you to modify or omit certain postures.  Please tell your teacher if you suffer from any of the following conditions.  Hypertension (high blood pressure), glaucoma, detached retina, earache, discharge from the ear, back/neck pain, any heart condition, hernia, prolapsed uterus, recent surgery, recent sprain or fracture.  There are a number of other conditions that call for caution, so if in doubt, speak out!  You should also tell your teacher if you are pregnant.
Reputable yoga training organisations are becoming increasingly concerned about poorly trained and totally untrained “teachers” who are endangering their students and bringing yoga into disrepute.  Some of the horror stories about unsafe teachers have undoubtedly been exaggerated in the telling but there is no doubt that these concerns are fully justified.  The writer is properly trained and insured.

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